pixada.lab Design&Graphics Logo

pixada.lab was founded in 1997 by Manfred Albrecht. Making the first steps in html, a website was created and proper artworks in Adobe Photoshop v5.0.

From the first day I focussed on graphics and design, it was a time when the world wide web was growing. The world began to recognize the benefits of extendend and beautiful designs.

In 1997 the company Apple was about to ruin, Microsoft was the knight in a shiny armour and Steve Jobs reappeared on scene and brought Apple back to light. A lot has happened since those days, too much to tell.

pixada.lab is a Freelance graphic designer from Munich - Germany, the designsworks are focussed on user interface, print, web, icon and corporate identity. Since some years I am fascinated by Apple products and especially by Mac, iPhone and iPad. These products were most pertinent to my artworks. Of course pixada.lab built some nice user interfaces for Windows and Android sytems, too.

Since mid 2011 I joined the BRANDSOME, a company of the market-listed CONSTANTIN MEDIEN AG, to do some really cool stuff.

Design services - gui, icon, print, web ...

pixada.lab offers many services to its clients, from logo creation to web site design, complete corporate designs up to all related print media for your company or branch.

I specialize in complex graphical user interfaces and icon designs for the newest generations of desktop and mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Windows).

High reputed companies believe in the knowledge and designs of pixada.lab. Feel free to contact me for further information.

The targets, values and philosophy

My target is to not only implement the individual requirements of my clients, but to provide them an outstanding and valued experience.

Since 1997 pixada.lab philosophy is to continuously create innovative designs and bring thoughts, visions and ideas to life. Step out of the shadows of the mainstream.